Thursday, June 05, 2008

Its sprinkling books

Within weeks of graduation I had devoured three books that probably altered what I thought of the world. I won't review the books because I think people should read it and come to their own conclusions.

The first book is HOW SOCCER EXPLAINS THE WORLD. This book uses soccer as a metaphor to explain globalization. Riveting facts about soccer in different countries and whats more you get a little bit of pol sci interspersed within the text that you barely notice it.

The second book is Ayan Hirsi Ali's book Infidel. The book was a gift from a friend who didn't know what Ayan's stigma in the world is. She just saw a Somali female writer and she thought I would like it. Her book documents her journey through most of her adult life. For the most part it provided insight on her views and how she came about it. It was also reinforced the first book's message of encroachment of liberal values on traditional societies and the fallout that occurs after the fact.

The last book is a book written by Quinn and its titled Ishmael. Ishmael is the name of a gorilla who telepathically teaches a human that life as we perceive it is mythological. It definitely changes the way you view the world and perhaps how you will act in the world.

I still have a stack of books left by my bedside that I am working through. I am looking forward to reading the new Naomi Klein book and ALL THE SHAH's MEN. If there are any books you feel will contribute to character building recommend them. Toodles.