Friday, September 30, 2005

Da Vinci Code

This past week I decided to pick up the audio book form of The Da Vinci Code. Needless to say that I was curious what the huge hoopla was about this fictional work. As I lay in my bed each night before I feel asleep and listened to the reader go through chapter after chapter I begun to think of consipiracy theorist. We all know them and have heard everything from the assasination of JFK to the recent 9/11. I have never heard the theory of the holy grail before.

Listening as Dan Brown exponded on the theory I double checked his "facts". I went online and pulled up the last supper painting, virgin on the rocks and madonna on the rocks. I noted the things that were mentioned in the book and all I can say is I am intrigued. I always thought that religion was too organized for my liking. Yes, we humans are in need or structure and direction but I also believe spirituality is a personal and unique route. Kinda like different strokes for different people. I am also predisposed to believe anything contrary to the belief of Jesus as the son of God, so that could also play a part in my nodding my head in agreement as opposed to shaking it vehemently and admonishing such a mockery of gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anyway for now suffice it to say I will do a little bit of research on the freemasons and priory of scion. Will update if I find something of interest.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


You ever met a man hater? A woman who thinks all men are dogs and should therefore be neutered. I have a friend like that and I love her to bits. You might think that perhaps she has being wronged by men before and thus is why she hates them. I would agree with you but she wouldn't. The mother in me wants to hug her and tell her everything is going to be fine. That she doesn't need a man in her life to complete herself, but the woman in me shakes her head and wants to shake sense back into her. She does need that man and that man needs her.
This weekend she met a man. He is the sweetest young man ever. Fine as hell and funny, smart, down to earth and most importantly he is of her kind. Now now don't jump down my throat. Its true I said her kind because whether you like to admit it or not her kind is what she needs right now. She has being singing and humming and sleeping in.Sleeping IN! she never does that. She comes in my room at five in the morning to pull the sheets off my bed and get me up. I was thankful for him and if I were a Christian I would get on my knees and thank the Lord. Now its the end of the weekend and her angel is leaving. Its bad enough that it is happening but what is worse but she finds out that perhaps he is not completely trustable. He has a past and perhaps a present. Her instincts are coming back. She wants to lash out at the whole entire male species. For now I calmed her down but I don't know how long I can hold my thumb to the leak in the dam.

Monday, September 12, 2005

I do

What is it about a marriage that strikes a fear in our hearts? Some people would say it is the loss of freedom, others on the other hand would say it’s the finality of it all. Regardless of what reasons drive us in the opposite direction from marriage we all ultimately get married. Men I think do it so that they can leave a legacy behind; women on the other hand do it because of the companionship though I think they also do it because they want to have someone to mother i.e. a baby.

I think its time to throw my two cents in the ring (pardon the pun). Marriage I think for me as Susan Sarandon put it so nicely is the need for all humans to have a witness to their life. Not all humans are destined for greatness; most of us will never leave a mark in the history books. We need someone to know what our life was like. To have someone to share moments of silence, epiphany, joy, sadness and pain with. I think that’s a great reason to get married and it might also be the root of the vows; through sickness and health, poverty and wealth, thick and thin.

So I urge everyone to go find a person to witness your life and get married because it is a great gift to be a witness to a great life (Your life).

Thursday, September 01, 2005


My sister's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't yet thought what to get her for a present. Anyways I guess I will figure that out while I am having my car ride back home for the weekend.

I just felt like blogging about something coming next week. Its American Football season. I am so excited, not because of beer and chips, but because this time I might actually be able to catch most of the games since I allowed myself the luxury of having cable @ school. YEAH!!!!

I must admit I never liked football the first time I sat down to watch it. I thought it looked like rugby except these players had padding to protect them. After a while it grew on me because I was constantly surrounded by my uncles and cousins on Sunday evening at grandma's house watching the game. They would cuss when somebody fumbled the ball and scream with glee when a touchdown occurred. Even my aunt was into it and so I started paying attention to the rules of the game. By the end of the season I was comfortable with the American football terminology and I could converse about a game without appearing like a blonde haired girl.

Now I have seasons of weather as well as sports. I watch NBA, NFL and off course my first LOVE I watch English League. This year is the world cup and I would so love to be in Germany to watch it but imagine my disdain that a ticket cost about 1.5 K. For that much I could just comfortably take my long planned euro trip. So I guess I am doomed to watching the World Cup on TV.

Watch this spot for my once in a while predictions.