Sunday, July 11, 2010

WC 2010 Final

The stage has been set. 32 teams came to prove themselves on a pitch and only two survive; Espana and Netherlands. The only question that remains to be answered is who will be left standing.

This has been a historical world cup from the get go. It was the first world cup held in Africa, it was the first world cup where 5 Latin American countries advanced to the 16, it was the first world cup that an African nation had gotten to the Quarter finals and now the contenders for the WC are two teams that haven't ever won the world cup!

What can we expect in T minus two hours? These two teams are different in their approach, tactically as well as mentally. I am looking for Espana to be dominating the midfield and possession. If Pedro gets to start then he will most likely provide Inesta the ability to move from left to right at leisure. Espana has a lot of speed and can overun the midfield if allowed. Holland has to play smart and not allow through balls to Sergio Ramos who looks very strong from his position and is constantly moving up, as was seen in the Semi, when he gave Boateng a run for his money.

Holland have to be extremely disciplined in this game if they want to win. Defensively they have to keep their back line and Robben and Snejder, who have the knack of losing balls, need to be extra vigilant today and stick with patterned play. Any deviation might mean a loss. So far Lady Luck has been on their side with the goal posts helping in goal scoring but they can't depend on this. Holland has to test Puyol, Pique, Busquets by being confident that they can penetrate into Espana's box, after all in the last few years it was the Dutch who molded Barca style of play.

Finally Espana has only had seven goals throughout the tournament. It doesn't say much about how they can get results even with their tactics but in the finals the slates are wiped clean and all the World will remember, is who emerged victorious. As for me, I will be donning my Oranje shirt today and hope that this will indeed be a historical day for the Dutch (winning the WC) and South Africa (a start to heal wounds that have long been there).

Picture courtesy of nydailynews

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sports Heaven

For the past month or so I have been perpetually transfixed to the TV set in my basement. NBA playoffs followed by World Cup. I have spent hours in other sport fanatics homes as we discussed the in and outs of the games. I have to say this has by far been the most happiest memory of WC I have had. My sisters are grown up enough to join in the craziness and the rivalries have led to goaded phonecalls after each loss but ladies and gents I am here to say I am the only one standing. 

I predicted all the quarter finalist that are in WC 2010. I hope that Oranje makes me proud when they finally lift the golden cup come July 11th. Its going to be a furious run to the finish line and I will have to wear my team colors with each game. I know I probably don't make sense but I am running on a few hours of sleep and a lot of adrenaline. I have work tomorrow and a rash of articles of write and edit. 

Ps:- I needed a change with my template and I am not sure this fits the bill, so it might change till I find the right fit.