Monday, October 31, 2005

Running Game vs Throwing Game

Well Well this Sunday was interesting in the world of American Football. Vikings lost off course to Panthers, Giants won in memory of Wellington, Detroit lost but the most upsetting game for me was the the Eagles and the Broncos.

Philly was trying a new approach this season. Instead of the conventional running game that most football coaches utilize they decided to use a throwing game. They have won 4 out of the 7 games utilizing this theory but I would like to call into light that they have have a recorded 73 % on throwing the ball. I do believe that is a huge percentage to be leaning on to win a game. Hopefully they will change tactics for the next games and try running more. They can utilize westbrook and owens more.

College ball on the other hand I have no complaints about. Florida exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the game throughly. The QB was comfortable, he wasn't blitzed and he threw perfectly. Kudos! Better luck next time Georgia. Till Next Time I feel like talking football HOoRah


Gulab Jamun said...

You should know by now Owens is out. Westbrook is phenomenal but not enough to carry the Eagles by himself. Mcnabb is injured and this season will show the Eagles are just big fish in the mediocre NFC. Bengals and Colts: masters of air football. And exceedingly strong running games too.

SleepDepraved said...

Shame Owens doesn't understand what team work is or mayb he wants to get what he is worth. I guess we will find out next Friday. I like colts a lot and Bengals but this after colts bulldoze the texans this weekend they have to contend with bengals that should be a matchup. Can't wait.

Colts/Giants/Bengals/Panthers........all these teams show potential and who knows with the season heating up.