Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My book of rhymes

I luv Nas. I am by no means anything as creative as he is or MOS DEF/TALIB/BLACK ICE/TAALAM etc but I can string a few sentences together. Here are a few of these so called sentences from my book of rhymes.

Forever in turmoil

pursuant of your affection

residing in eternal

limbo awaiting

anticipating your every need

Forever yours

never my own

searching faithfully

for my love

for our love

Forever looking

hoping to find

a mirror that will

reflect the truth

of you and I

Forever mine

yours no more

alas, I have

always known

it was all for



Hear me

and allow me to become your resounding board

allow me to strum the strings that used to be us

found between then and now

allow me then to relive the sweet sorrow

Listen to me

and allow my voice to reverb within your soul

as I beat out my agony on your drums

hoping you understand that

I am but a dancer without a soul

a writer without a scroll

an orchestra without a horn

Listen to me

as I beat out life's rhythms with my shackles

hear as the bass merges with the treble

as the blood adds to the sound

as the beats rise and fall.


as you finally hear that

all I want is to be free.

This was a piece written after reading another person's poem.

Do we ever cross paths in a different life
Do you recognize me then
or can I form a new identity
one which will mirror your desires
mingle with your flesh
dance with your soul
and sleep in your warmth.

Like a lotus in a swamp
a beautiful friend is a find
You dry my tears with your words
and set me on my way with your charm
I love your big graceful hands
thats guide me through rain or sun
I am forever glad to have found the one
who'll be there even when I am down.

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