Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Reflections of '05

The year 2005 was fascinating in it of itself. Started out with me being drugged and grogy from vicodin. I had sustained a broken arm during a car accident four days before new years and one day after returning from England. I should have just taken that as an omen but nevertheless I worked through it. Went to school a month late and spent the rest of the semester playing catch up........No fun at all! Went through a depressive couple of months due to heartbreak after which as usual I picked up my steel cast heart and moved on.

Summer came around with plans of travelling across the US, but as they say man proposes God disposes. My parents split up with no warning and I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. I worked through all summer trying to find some rhyme and reason to life. Had a couple people who woed me but I was not interested due to the LIFE SUXS motto I was going through. School year begun again and I was glad to shed off my responsibility and get back to my books.Tsunami hit and so did the earthquakes. Helped out with what I had and wished I could do more. Got to know a family that relocated here from New Orleans and tried to make them feel at home. Ramadhan was interesting. My roomate fasted with me during the month for support. Eid was spent at home where I went to let loose and also got to welcome my new nephew to the world. Weeks that followed were sputtered with news of a new revert at the mosque, learning french, blogging, posting and making new friends. Winter came early this year with hard biting cold to remind me I need to get to warmer areas. I had to go through a bout of bronchotis during my final month at school that cut into my school work, but hey what is so different about that. Finally discovered old fires were still burning and also a miracle migraine medication that worked in minutes. Finals week were stressful with family issues compounding my stress levels and that ladies and gentlemen was my year in a nutshell.Alxamdullilah I made it this far.

All I can say is I can't wait for next year. I am ready for more growing pains! Now to pass this tag to someone else. I tag Ngonge, Xu, Lonedreamer, Lambaar Kontoon, Muhammad, Abusinan, Pucca and the neighbourly doc. Hope to read your reflections for the year.


Flower.of.Chaos said...

Yey! You seem to have had a painfully long year. Good thing is, you will remember it atleast. Most of the stuff I did was mundane and boring...seems like the year whizzed past me.

NGONGE said...

I'm not sure why or how, but lately, I have not had any time to write anything and was hardly in the mood to read anything either (just like this entry of yours, I have not read it but I'm replying).

Anyway,will come back later (in the new year maybe) to tackle it all.

Have a new year (and this goes for all your readers too, yes, all three of them). :-)