Sunday, February 12, 2006

Collection of my fav. poems.

In the Depths of Solitude

I exist in the depths of solitude
pondering my true goal
Trying 2 find peace of mind
and still preserve my soul
CONSTANTLY yearning 2 be accepted
and from all receive respect
Never compromising but sometimes risky
and that is my only regret
A young heart with an old soul
How can I be in the depths of solitude
when there R 2 inside of me
This Duo within me causes
the perfect opportunity
2 learn and live twice as fast
as those who accept simplicity

Sometimes I cry

Sometimes when I'm alone
I cry because I'm on my own
The tears I cry R bitter and warm
They flow with life but take no form
I cry because my heart is torn
and I find it difficult 2 carry on
If I had an ear 2 confide in
I would cry among my treasured friends
But who do u know that stop that long
to help another to carry on
The world moves fast and it would rather pass u by
than 2 stop and c what makes u cry
Its painful and sad and sometimes I cry
and no one cares about why

Only 4 the Righteous

I'm down with strictly Dope "So"
That means I'm more than u can handle
"Hot" I'm hotter than the wax from a candle
"Him" that's Roc he's my microphone companion
"Lyrics" full of knowledge, truth and understanding
"Hobbies" rapping is my only recreation
"Retire" you must be on some kind of medication
"Why" because I'll never loosen up my mic grip
"Drugs" never cuz I'm living on the right tip
"Sex" only with my girl because I love her
"Babies" impossible I always use a rubber
"Bored" rarely cuz I'm keeping myself busy
"Scratch" nah I leave the cutting up 2 Dize
"Dize?" yeh that's my D.J. he's the greatest
"Word" nah he's paying me 2 say this
"The mind" is something that I cultivate and treasure
"Thanks" you're welcome and besides it was my Pleasure

If I Fail

If in my quest 2 achieve my goals
I stumble or crumble and lose my soul
Those that knew me would easily co-sign
There was never a life as hard as mine
No father-no money-no chance and no guide
I only follow my voice inside
if it guides me wrong and I do not win
I'll learn from mistakes and try 2 achieve

What Is It that I Search 4

I know not what I search 4
But I know I have yet 2 find it,
Because it is invisible 2 the eye
My heart must search 4 it blinded.

And if by chance I find it,
Will I know my mission is achieved?
Can one come 2 conclusions,
Before the question is conceived?

Just as no one knows
what lies beyond the shore.
I will never find the answer 2
what it is that I search 4.

And 2morrow

Today is filled with anger
Fueled with hidden hate
Scared of being outcast
Afraid of common fate
Today is built on tragedies
which no one wants to face
Nightmares 2 humanities
and morally disgraced
Tonite is filled with rage
Violence in the air
Children bred with ruthlessness
Because no one at home cares
Tonite I lay my head down
But the pressure never stops
gnawing at my sanity
content when I am dropped
But 2morrow I c change
A chance 2 build anew
Built on spirit, intent of heart
and ideals based on truth
And 2morrow I wake with second wind
And strong because of pride
2 know I fought with all my heart 2 keep my dream alive

These poems were written by Tupac Shakur and below you can hear me reading them out loud. I hope they touch you like they did me.Enjoy

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euhippus said...

Hi girl, thanks for the welcome. I love your recitations, especially of "What Is It that I Search 4".

Shafi Said said...

Great Poems! A freind once lent me the book "A rose that grew from the Concrete" and guess what...It never returned to him! ;)

Tupac's legacy still lives on!

Flower.of.Chaos said...

Nice SD.

Pucca said...

tupac's the only rap artist that i can tolerate and actually listen to...

that said; lady how do you do the audioblog thing? *help* i wanted to try that out sometime...

neat stuff! your stories are long...but well worth reading.

SleepDepraved said...

Pucca its pretty easy once you get set up just speed dial on your celly and put in your phone number and pin number and your record after the beep. Depending on where you are located it might be an international call for you. Its a neat tool.

Euphippus that particular poem was the inspiration to one of my aliases. Shafi heh I can relate to your tale cause thats how I discovered these poems. Though for me it was a present I bought for an avid Tupac fan and lo and behold I found the book too compelling to give away so I settled for giving him a CD. :( Don't worry he was not deprived of anything he got the book at his next birthday.