Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love you more.............than you do?

I haven't done what is expected of me i.e tell tales of my adventures in Africa but I will get around to it soon (I promise). I actually wanted to talk about something else today. Recently I was listening to radio and I decided to share my thoughts about it. The conversation was that in order to have a successful relationship, one person (in the relationship) has to have an over-abundance of love.

I was at first puzzled because I thought in an ideal world you would both be 50/50 on the amount of love. As I listened to the callers' opinions though I begun looking back into my relationships and I mean all including sister/friend/exs. A realization occured to me that in each relationship I was the lackey. The one who did the bidding;the slave. Mind boggling thought isn't it. Here I was confident in my ways with my life but when it came to someone else I tended to putty. So here is the challenge I pose to whoever reads. Look back in your relationships and ask yourself is the theory right? If so, who loved more? What are you using as a measuring tool? Do you think that you will keep your "position"?

Ps:- This is not an anti-valentine day post by the way ;) so if you think you can't handle the evaluation till after valentine day, then by all means wait it out. [If you evaluate your love life that is].


Firefly said...

Hello, girl! Long time. I agree with you on this. I'm in a hurry now, but I shall come back and answer your questions soon, I'A.

wasmaniac said...

I read these 3 days ago but i didnt want to be the 1st to evaluate myself...

I think that theory doesnt hold water for me...at least not on siblings and friends, I've loved and equally been loved. Exs...well, i cant complain, i've been loved, all my previous relationships(they aint many) have been fun while they lasted. The type i wouldnt change one bit (except how they ended)if i was to redo them again.

Aya said...

SD, awesome to see you back and looking forward to reading your Africa stories!

If so, who loved more?

I don't think I loved more but I think I forgave and gave the benefit of the doubt more. Probably made the mistake of letting people off the hook too easily and had them believe they were less culpable in conflicts. Not too happy with this tendency.

Firefly said...

You know I forgot that I had promised to come back and answer your Q, SD.

I have loved more, I think. I have to, otherwise I can't commit. I also find it comforting, in a strange way.

Unheardphilosopher said...

looking back ...I believe I have loved more ..Sometimes, I was the only one who loved and this made them interesting for me.. the thrill of the chase! I am improving though....or I think I am