Monday, October 29, 2007

Let the Hype Begin

The Playoffs haven't begun but here goes the media, and guess what? I will join them. This week is going to have the most interesting match-ups to watch:NE patriots vs Indianapolis Colts. I haven't had much chance to watch colts in action this season, mainly because I don't have any love for them. I have watched NE patriots though. This team has one of the best records in the NFL right now. They average about 44 points per game (my approximate) and haven't lost yet. Brady (QB) and his offensive line have stepped up their game and its showing. I am going to be sitting down to watch this game live cause it would be interesting to see what strategies the coaches use against each other. Rattle Brady, match up the weakest offensive with your best defense, remove the long plays from Peyton.............seriously there are great speculation as to what each team will use to dismantle its opponent. Personally I just want to enjoy good ol' football and don't fancy either team, but I wouldn't mind the Patriots coming out of this as victors. Did you see the Sunday game when they blew past their opponent with about 50+ point?

On the other hand whats with the Viks and not using Adrian Peterson? I wrote a post about him when he was in OU and was ecstatic when he got drafted by the Viks, but they are not utilizing this guy. He is absolutely greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Why do the bench him on some plays? Everytime I see him on the sideline I get upset. Get it together Vikings!!! I want us to be in the playoffs this year. Please :)


Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger's kids are running down one defence after another, watch the gunner's vs the red devils this weekend. This will be a close match, the gunner's midfield suave vs the devil's dynamic strikers.
Whatever happened to the falcon's qb - sent to the doghouse?

Anonymous said...

Off topic..
This will take you a notch back, kumbukumbu, the indian ocean, halwaloz:

SleepDepraved said...

lol @ cigaal. I haven't had a chance to check out the premier league yet, but I promise as soon as I get an opportunity I will post an analysis of the games I will see.

Let me know how the gunner's vs red devils game works out. As for the Falcon's QB is behind bars.

Thanks for the link. I loved it! I wish there was a site to download taarab. Sabahal Kheer is a classic by the way. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

SD - the game was a thriller, it went all the way to the dying seconds, the gunners settling a 2-2 score.
My memory of the twin-cities is dim now, i was there a hot summer visiting a buddy who was setting up a produce supply gig. This was when travelling was fun, we'd buy a round the world ticket and backpack and crash on the sofas of friends and relatives.
pls keep the good work you're doing on the blog. I hope you get blogs from all over the globe, including aussie and kiwi somalis. Mahadsanidin.
ps. Tito - areero mayfadaase? thanks for the poem bro (cigaal shidaad)
SD - waa cigaalow oo godkii kusii socda. mahadsanid walaashay.