Monday, November 24, 2008

One of the seven deadly sin


The other day I was listening to a couple people talking with my mother. I was struck with the way some of them were proud of murderers and killers. The topic of course of Somali's ongoing turmoil. I can't say I have an insightful lock on Somali culture but I am amazed by how certain illogical things become matters of pride.

For example, when a woman is beaten senseless by her husband, it becomes a matter of pride to hide this fact from others. I think the man should be placed in the public court for being inhuman to his spouse. The above example is not the reason why I had to pen my thoughts, so to speak. My chagrin comes from the Israf that people indulge in so that others might not know the true depth of their pocket book. Spending lavishly (willy nilly) when in reality they cannot afford what they are acquiring.

Personally, I have no problem owning up to the fact I am broke. I was out with my friend the other day shopping for jackets. I didn't need a jacket but I could have used one for a change of colors. As we flipped through racks and racks of jackets, I suddenly realized I am flat broke for the next couple months. This is largely due to paying rent and mortgage on a house that we haven't moved into yet. Finally, I turned to her and told her I can't afford these high prices for the jacket. I am content with my black one for now till I can afford it. She didn't back away from me like I had leprosy, she actually understood. Now if someone else in my family had been in my shoes they would have gone ahead and purchased a jacket just so as to keep appearances.

Does anyone else notice that about relatives or is this a problem that exists solely in my head?


Aya's Den said...

Wow, your new digs. I like!

SD, my family has a few spenders who are always being rescued. I hate it when the older members or the parents guilt trip the rest of us for one bail-out after another. Do you think someone who couldn't pay her rent on time for 3 whole months and had to borrow the last payment should go on a 1-week holiday?

Israf is a disaster and tends to spread misery in a family.

SleepDepraved said...

Exactamundo Aya. I just can't say no to bail out unless I ain't got no cash so most of the time I hope they come around when I am broke. :(

I like my new digs too (back to my dark hues!). Bright sunshiny colors ain't me.