Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Xcruciating pain

I once broke my wrist bones and refused categorically to take pain meds. I dealt with the pain. I strained ligaments in my ankle and hobbled my way up the gangplank of a ship and through an airport with a heavy backpack. I didn't whimper then, but now I did something to my MCL and every time I climb into my car I scream in pain. When someone bumped into me at work I laughed with pain.

It is unbearable, nerve raking pain. I take my anti-inflammatory tabs and ice my knee when I get home but I almost feel like hacking the goddamn leg off. The doc asked me if I wanted pain meds and I resolutely refused, now I wish I had taken them. Turning in my sleep makes my nerves ring out the alarm bells.

How do these athletes do this? I swear if someone intentionally tackled me at a football game and caused this much pain I would probably hunt them down and cause them as much pain. Instead my dislocated patella and subsequently MCL injury was caused by testing out a MATTRESS. Yea, I know dumb but it happened. I just wish this doc would hurry up and see me and give me an answer as to how I am to survive and heal. Gosh, my body is giving up on me already.

Be kind to your body parts you never know what it means to function without it. I miss stretching my leg languorously while reading my books.


NATIVE said...

From what I have read heard this is supposed to be hella painful.....I pray your pain issues are resolved and that you make a quick recovery....hopefull it's not a 3rd degree ligament tear inshaAllah

Keeping you n my dua sis
Allah yashfeek


Aya said...

Oooh, SD, I feel your pain :(. I know that nerve pain all too well although I've never had an MCL injury. It sounds like absolute torture! Don't skimp on the painkillers, especially the NSAIDs but you have to eat. This is a chick with some herniated discs on her resume, so I understand your pain.

Let us know how things turn out and I'll keep you in my prayers, walaal.