Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello Folks!

So I have been MIA for a while but I swear its not for naught. I have been busy lining up my ducks in a row and possibly doing a life upheaval too. Its been an unenlightening Ramadhan. I usually find some peace during the fasting period but this year I suffered a spiritual disconnect even though I did more Ibadha than last year. Inshallah my fast and yours are accepted.

I am also in the midst of taking an online course and its daunting at times but for the most part, I have fun logging in at 3 am and writing on the boards. My experiments are at times last minute but I have to say I couldn't do it without my sister. We have come to regard my homework time as bonding time and we giggle about the questions and my ability to naturally think of the answers without engaging my mathematical brain. Who would have known huh?

My book reading has been really taking off. I am now a member of three book clubs plus my own reading list. I have taken to notating my thoughts of the books on a notepad. Some books have made me question myself and others have lead to questioning society at large. At the moment I am juggling Reading Lolita in Tehran and Sepharad. Both of the books complement each other, in that one speaks of families and lives shattered by Hitler's zeal, while the other speaks of Iranian revolution seen via works of fiction.

I have literary turned into a signed book collector. I have so far collected four signatures of authors and Inshallah by end of October I should have three more signed books under my belt; Nuruddin Farah, Uwen Akpan and Azar Nafisi. Since I am uprooting myself in the coming weeks, I am feeling nostalgic about MN and have taken to doing Minnesotan activities. I have gone to the state fair, attended a Vikings game, gone to a jazz festival and hope to squeeze a few more things before I say my adieu.

Finally, I am planning to visit Turkey in spring. I am looking forward to those two weeks. It will be a year since I have gone traveling by the time I embark on the journey. I will be making the trip with my trusted friend B. We have already had a breakfast meeting to set an itinerary of activities which, she will ensure I keep to. I dare say we will have a few more meetings before I move because she will be solely in charge and will only meet me at the airport when we leave. My arms break out in goosebumps when I think of all the historical places I will be stepping into. I have always dreamed of being inside the Blue mosque and can't wait to tick that box off my travel list.

So what have you been up to??


Om said...

Hello there! That is a nice travel plan. My buddy studied there last fall and tells me great things about Istanbul:)

Are you moving out of MN?

SleepDepraved said...

Yes Inshallah I will be. Ask your friend for tips and advice. I am gathering them as I go.

How u been dear Om?

Om said...

I wish you a smooth move and may Allah make it easy for you ; they say moving is one of those most stressful acts of life.

I'A I will ask my friend great places to check out - he raved about the old grand bazaar of Istanbul, especially at night and Princes' Island.

Alhamdulilah, I'm doing great; getting use to the rat race of life!

You're not moving out of the US, right?

Alisa Ahlam said...

Hi Sleep Deprived,

I am a UK based Somali Journalist / Author. I have just published my debut novel, The Arab Season, and as a literary fan, I would love to hear your thoughts on it, and maybe if you have the time post a short review.

The book is set in London, it tells the story of four second generation young somali women living in the city and the struggle they face balancing cultrual/ religious values, family expectations with living in western society that encourages individuals and the pursuit of pleasure.

For more details look on or email me on

I look forward to hearing from you.