Monday, December 10, 2012

Twiddling Thumbs

Its a few minutes past the hour and I am staring at this screen unable to focus enough to write down my short hand notes regarding inflammation and extravasation of leukocytes. This will be my monotonous life for the next few months as I gear up to take the first of my licensing exams. I figured I would go completely crazy unless I have an outlet for my boredom, so what better outlet then my old blogs.

Things have been pretty quiet in this corner of the world because I have retreated from my virtual presence as I concentrated in being present in daily life moments. This new mantra has been particularly easy to keep up as distances between my stressors have increased. It used to be hard to live in the moment because I had to make contingent plans for everything. My life was fluid and I didn't quiet feel in control of it so my pushback was making plans; longterm and shortterm. I grew into this pessimistic creature always waiting for something to go wrong so I can use my contingent plans. Needless to say I don't lend my brain cells to those exercises anymore.

So, here I am twiddling my thumbs waiting for my grade to be posted instead of studying. I have no pressure to do this exam and this just might be my undoing. I have 6 months to do it but I want to do it in 2 months. This, I understand will require much from me including focus. People all around me seem to be able to sit for 8 hours straight studying. I get bored after an hour and start looking at huffpost, twitter but not FB. I have released myself from that trap!

Anyways, I will be popping in and out of this corner to combat my boredom. Hopefully it works, and if within my posts you find some study products just ignore them I am probably trying to process how to remember something. Cheers!

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