Friday, August 26, 2005

Devil Within

I woke up this morning with strained back.Not even turning on the lights, I shuffled my feet towards the bathroom and nearly tripped on something lying on the floor. I stopped short and tried to think what it could be. I shook my head side to side trying to dislodge a memory about last night. That didn't work. I bent down with great agony to my back and felt for my obstacle. It was certainly long and there was a cloth covering on it. I felt my way to the end of it and it was bulb shaped with a coarse feel to it. Working my way to the opposite end I felt two stumps with protusions on the end. Flashback of me fighting with my boyfriend last night after I came back from a night out with the girls. I staggered back as I slowly realized the obstacle infront me felt and was shaped like a human being. What happened? I shut my eyes tight and willed it to go away, willed my sanity back. How could this happen? I am not violent, infact I was plain cowardly when it came to violence. I tried to lift my hands to my eyes so as to rub the sleep from my eyes but they were stuck to the side of my body. I jerked them loose and examined them in the dim light. What were those crusted up objects on my fingers? I looked closely at one which was peeling and the color of my fingertips were RED..........RED. Oh My God I had killed my boyfriend. I let out a horrific yelp and cowered in the corner. What to do? What to do? Call the police.No! I would be sentenced to death. Ok then what? Call Cecelia and figure out something? No! She was a blabbermouth she would end up telling the tabloids I killed my boyfriend. What if I buried him where no one would ever look? The ocean was right infront of our house. The salt of the ocean would accelerate the decomposition of the body and the fishes would eventually finish what else was left of the body before someone would discover the remains. It would be a perfect plan. I gulped loudly as it finally sunk in that my life had changed. Yesterday I was a 4.0 GPA holding senior at the university and now I was planning to coverup the murder of my boyfriend. A murder I had committed. I steeled myself and got up and stood over the body. I bent down to grab the feet and then as I pulled at them they came off. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I had cut him up in pieces. I felt woozy and nauseous. What had I become? An animal..........Suddenly light flooded the room from the hallway. Someone had opened the door and was standing in the doorway. I was temporarily blinded and shut my eyes. I knew I had being found out. I was going to jail and I was going to be some other woman's bitch. No.........I wasn't going without a fight. I got up and ran towards the figure in the doorway and tried to tackle it. I felt arms around me holding me close and a soft timbre voice saying "Whats wrong baby?" I was going crazy he sounded like my dead boyfriend. I looked up and looked into the eyes of my beloved one. I nearly crumpled to the ground. Now I had lost my mind I was seeing his ghost. Still holding me close he reached out and flipped the light switch. I willed myself to confirm that there was a dead body in the middle of the floor. I looked and I saw the dummy I had brought home a week ago to practice CPR on. I laughed and cried with relief as I clutched my boyfriend close.

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Heh. NICE :-)