Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fire in my Bosom

You have to agree with me that there is a time for everything. Taking that into account I decided that I will take this opportunity to share with you emotions and thoughts that coursed through me as I sat and watched a movie. Now granted that I already painted myself into a corner by making you think I am going to give you "female anecdotes" but I beg your indulgence just this once.

The movie I decided to watch was "The motorcycle diaries". In retrospect I think I should have used my time up wisely by reading the book but erm.......I already have four books sitting by my bedside vying for my attention as it is. Apologies for I digress. Let me give you a slight synopsis about the movie. Just as the title states the movie is about someone's thoughts as they rode a motorcycle (or at least to me it did). The characters in the movie was Che Guevera and his buddy. They had decided that they were going to ride a motorcycle from Bueno Aires to Venezuela to celebrate his buddy's 30th birthday. As they journey they see their continent in a different light. I didn't think the movie did catapult me in much thought at the beginning till I saw that as the two went further inland they were met with much destitution and injustice.

As I cradled my bottle water and plumped my body pillow I started a compare and contrast game. Granted life for much of us these days is reminiscent of an ostrich with his head stuck in the sand, I think, and you are welcome to your own opinion, that we still have some human blood left in us. Idealism might have being slowly siphoned out of our bodies but somewhere in the recess of our minds still burns the revolutionary fires. Being from Africa I thought of the millions of people there with no basic human amenities (Food, Shelter and Clothing). Maybe two of the three is met but more often than not most have one. Che rode through the countryside and listened to stories of injustice and some he witnessed. He helped out at a leprosy clinic and through it all he stuck to his ideals. He wouldn't lie to a person and I think this most of all kept him true to himself and reflectively true to others.

I would like to have his courage because when he could have being a doctor he decided to start the Cuban revolution. He swum across a river that he felt separated the sick from the healthy just to he could spend his birthday with what he had begun to regard as his patients. In this day of age, the 21st century as we have come to know it, is there one among us that would attempt such a feat. I would be the first to say No, I can't. The one thing I hope I could and with God's help will do is get my degree and go back home to where I am needed and start fixing humanity in my own way. For now Che has awoken the fires in my mind and spirit and I had to share it with someone.

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NGONGE said...

Where is the titillation?
So much for fire in your bosom. :-(

I have not watched the movie but did read a few reviews of it. I think it’s meant to elicit such a reaction. Not that I think such a reaction is wrong of course. Lately, I myself have been thinking of the destitute, the poor and needy. I almost (and probably still do) felt guilty at the luxuries I have.

Stay true to yourself, dear.