Thursday, September 01, 2005


My sister's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't yet thought what to get her for a present. Anyways I guess I will figure that out while I am having my car ride back home for the weekend.

I just felt like blogging about something coming next week. Its American Football season. I am so excited, not because of beer and chips, but because this time I might actually be able to catch most of the games since I allowed myself the luxury of having cable @ school. YEAH!!!!

I must admit I never liked football the first time I sat down to watch it. I thought it looked like rugby except these players had padding to protect them. After a while it grew on me because I was constantly surrounded by my uncles and cousins on Sunday evening at grandma's house watching the game. They would cuss when somebody fumbled the ball and scream with glee when a touchdown occurred. Even my aunt was into it and so I started paying attention to the rules of the game. By the end of the season I was comfortable with the American football terminology and I could converse about a game without appearing like a blonde haired girl.

Now I have seasons of weather as well as sports. I watch NBA, NFL and off course my first LOVE I watch English League. This year is the world cup and I would so love to be in Germany to watch it but imagine my disdain that a ticket cost about 1.5 K. For that much I could just comfortably take my long planned euro trip. So I guess I am doomed to watching the World Cup on TV.

Watch this spot for my once in a while predictions.

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