Monday, September 12, 2005

I do

What is it about a marriage that strikes a fear in our hearts? Some people would say it is the loss of freedom, others on the other hand would say it’s the finality of it all. Regardless of what reasons drive us in the opposite direction from marriage we all ultimately get married. Men I think do it so that they can leave a legacy behind; women on the other hand do it because of the companionship though I think they also do it because they want to have someone to mother i.e. a baby.

I think its time to throw my two cents in the ring (pardon the pun). Marriage I think for me as Susan Sarandon put it so nicely is the need for all humans to have a witness to their life. Not all humans are destined for greatness; most of us will never leave a mark in the history books. We need someone to know what our life was like. To have someone to share moments of silence, epiphany, joy, sadness and pain with. I think that’s a great reason to get married and it might also be the root of the vows; through sickness and health, poverty and wealth, thick and thin.

So I urge everyone to go find a person to witness your life and get married because it is a great gift to be a witness to a great life (Your life).

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Abdallah said...

What a great info - layla.
I do believe that marriage is the key of a lot of good things, but if it is done in a way that God is willing.

Most philosophers, thinkers, and people who have experience about it - they differ in their views.

But at last, Allah commanded us to do it, it is definitely a positive thing to do.

You are Right...