Friday, September 30, 2005

Da Vinci Code

This past week I decided to pick up the audio book form of The Da Vinci Code. Needless to say that I was curious what the huge hoopla was about this fictional work. As I lay in my bed each night before I feel asleep and listened to the reader go through chapter after chapter I begun to think of consipiracy theorist. We all know them and have heard everything from the assasination of JFK to the recent 9/11. I have never heard the theory of the holy grail before.

Listening as Dan Brown exponded on the theory I double checked his "facts". I went online and pulled up the last supper painting, virgin on the rocks and madonna on the rocks. I noted the things that were mentioned in the book and all I can say is I am intrigued. I always thought that religion was too organized for my liking. Yes, we humans are in need or structure and direction but I also believe spirituality is a personal and unique route. Kinda like different strokes for different people. I am also predisposed to believe anything contrary to the belief of Jesus as the son of God, so that could also play a part in my nodding my head in agreement as opposed to shaking it vehemently and admonishing such a mockery of gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anyway for now suffice it to say I will do a little bit of research on the freemasons and priory of scion. Will update if I find something of interest.

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