Thursday, November 17, 2005

No more Mr NiceGuy

I am sick and tired of this mentality I have. No more I want it gone from me at once. Can someone perform an exorcism??

I am too nice to people I let them walk all over me and 9/10 the people tend to be nice back. But that 1/10 get my blood boiling enough to make me want to blow my top. I would caution you to step back because it might not be pretty to watch.

**Breathing in and out slowly............chanting B calm find your center**

Ok I feel better now. I have being unwell for the past three days and have basically thought of others before me. I kept my viral infected self out of healthy people's way. A lot of good that did me. My roomate decides to go into a mood swing for the past two weeks!!! Two weeks? Are you Fing kidding me. What kinda hormones does your flipping body produce. Anyway she won't talk to me for some reason or rather. I tried to garner what pissed her off but she chooses the silent treatment. I can't be bothered to milk it out of her I ain't her mommy she can brood in her cesspool by herself and I frankly don't care.

Everytime this happens I remember the things I did to help the person causing this precious loss of energy to be dispensed from my body. I helped this girl to the point she cried on my shoulder literally and slobbered and left reminants of snot all over my jammies. SERIOUSLY .........I lent her my car to the point she bursted in my room in the early mornings demanding my car keys to ran her errands. Does she know that she is piling mileage on my dear baby? During Ramadhan I made her spinach samosa especially for her since she is a vegan and guess what next night she asked me where her samosas are? Do I resemble Aunt Jemima or something? What irks me the most is I thought I was helping a sister out and wankaxishode to tell her she is over stepping my kindness. NO MORE. I am taking a stand.

I noticed for most immigrants they have this ingrained in their character. The need to be kind and please people around them or maybe its the people I have met I don't care, its just there. These bloody North Americans don't understand that it is not an invitation to trample into our lives at their every whim. NO MORE. I am going to start saying NO. NO to helping your ass out when you are stranded in a street because for some reason or rather you pissed off the bus driver again. No to taking you to work because you couldn't get your lazy a$$ up at the correct time and yes I AM LOCKING my room...........darn it I need my SLEEP. I am already a chronic insomniac I don't need to lose those precious 50 mins of SLEEP.

Phew off course I probably won't stick to this new trait but whatthewho I am human :)


Lone Dreamer said...

Honey, thats what I tell myself all the TIME. And what happens is that...when someone comes around I always crumble and forget the promise I made to myself. *mad*

Pucca said...

neat blog you have here, quite nice. I see you have a link to my blog but i changed that address...*sorry* the new and final one is

now that thats cleared up there remains one question...who are you? *i'm slow...cant possibly figure out this blog belongs to..*

let me know so i can add your blog to my 'friends' too