Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Isn't he adorable? That is my new nephew and I am totally taken with him. Everytime my sister has a baby I get this ache in my stomach. I wish they were mine. I am not sure if it happens to every woman but I can't help it and always without fail I ask to adopt my nephews and niece. As clockwork she smiles and tells me to get my own.

I don't think thats fair. I am not the giving birth kind. How would I know you ask? Well because I have a low threshold for pain and I am a creature of comfort. If I couldn't fit in my clothes or tie my shoelaces I would probably tear my hair out. One look at this darling though makes me rethink my stance. I want to have a little one to call my own. One to nuzzle near my nose each time I feel the need to. I so want one .........they should sell them. Anyway I guess I should wait till I get someone to hoodwink me into having a bundle of joy for myself. Till then I will continue to ask my sister for her kids.

I love you my little one and you stole my heart the instance you opened your eyes.


Anonymous said...

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Lone Dreamer said...
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