Monday, November 27, 2006

Pesky Weddings

I haven't gone to a wedding for two years but I had to go to one on Saturday night. I say had to because if it was a personal choice I would rather not turn up to the gathering. My first cousin was getting hitched to her hubby, someone I didn't even know nor have I met ever. She informed me of her wedding three weeks before the date via a phonecall informing me that I was expected to do the camera work. What irritated me was the fact that its not the first time that my extended family feels like my services are available for them at their every whim. I was scheduled to work that saturday till 6 pm and I didn't feel like standing, with a camera permanently attached to my hand, for another 7 hours. Furthermore, for a person that doesn't talk to you nor see you except once a year, thats a mighty favor to ask of them. I might come across as embittered but here is my reasoning. If you are going to have a wedding its your wedding, not mine. You want to make a big hoopla about it go right ahead, but do not drag me into it just because you are trying to cut corners financially. Thank God she got the hint that I didn't want to do it and got someone else to do it.

I hate weddings especially family weddings cause undoubtly talking will begin on how everyone is dressed, what hairstyle they have, what food is being served, how much money was spent etc. Its everywhere you turn and I can't stand it. The chickenheads trying to outdo each other with their dance moves and gyrating their bodies to the floor just so that they are seen as cool. Its a ritual that I fail to understand. The same girl you see doing the nasty with the floor will be wearing an abaya tommorrow and telling you she is sanctified and holy. Its like they conviniently forget the camera is trained on their butt shaking the whole time. I told my mother I am not cut out for these kinds of events. The only ones I seem to be comfortable in are the ones hosted by somali sujuis, and maybe those are because they tend to just focus on celebrating the union instead of all the other lil evil things that most somali weddings seem evolved to become about. I hope it will be another four years before I attend another wedding!


Firefly said...

I know exactly how you feel. I can't stand weddings either. Especially family weddings. The last one i went to (my uncle's) not only put me deep into overdraft but it made me hate the bride. I still can't stand the woman and it's been 4 years.

Bastard things, those weddings.

Idil said...

wow, thats funny but the diffrence between me and u i go to weddings to 1)eat food, 2)observe somalian women and men out of their habitats, seriously they act diffrent at weddings 40 yr old women will shake their asses at weddings but when they come home they act all motherly and when they see u watching mtv they yell at u and ask if what your doing is islamic! ahh how i love somalies (lol)

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow night with the wedding. I hate weddings.

P.S. I am circumventing my temprary troubles with the blog by starting a new one imbedded in the old one. It's a long story.


SleepDepraved said...

lmao @ Firefly, I stopped being a donor to weddings. I have enough on my plate to explain come Day of Judgement, I don't need to explain how my money was put to use to bring about haram.

Idil Its funny but I heard its ok to listen to music during weddings and Eid but Haram on other days. That would explain a lot about what happens during weddings.

Aya actually I had already gone to the wedding hence my disgust lead to my post. Whats wrong with your blog anyways?