Saturday, March 25, 2006

Elite Eight

Uconn made it. The team that was most raved about had to go to OT to prove their worthiness. Rashad and Williams are the key figures here that need a thump on the shoulder. Positively nice game to watch.

Florida Gators make it and who else that lead that team to victory but the only and only Joakim Noah (the cute tall dude on the right as girls call him). Wonderful game too. Wish I was in the HHH arena to watch it.

On the right is George Mason who made sure Wichita lost all hope of being in the Elite Eight. Theirs wasn't such a thrilling game but nonetheless congrats!

Finally comes the team that I was so sure were gonna make it through but they also had to battle it out in OT and won by a point over Boston College.

To recap, this is the Elite Eight match ups. FSU takes on Villanova, Uconn takes on GeorgeMason, LSU takes on Texas and UCLA takes on Memphis. By Sunday we will be down to the Final Four!

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