Monday, March 13, 2006

March Madness

You know what month it is. College hoops season is on and blazing hot. Villanova, Duke, OSU, UCLA and off course the fav this year UCONN. The icing on the cake for me has got to be to actually witness the regionals if I get a good samaritan to buy me a ticket **hint hint**. Should definately be a good month.

Uh huh............NBA. I am very very very dissapointed in Pistons. They got beat by Wizards and of all people the Lakers! Ugh don't get me started on that game.They are past their 50th game but guess what grizzlies and spurs are right on their a$$ with 49 wins on their belts. They better shape up pretty soon or I am going to be sticking my head in the sand and pretend I am dead to the world. When they got beat by Lakers I got a gloating phonecall celebrating the fact. Gawd I don't want to get any more of such phonecalls!!!


Mukhtar Ainashe said...

Just to give you an extra incentive to write your first book, I will not only buy the book from you but I will pay double the price!
Quite honestly, I thought, I should go even further than that and type the whole book for you free of charge. However, my cowardice set of genes kicked in with a dire warning and said; “what about if this young and very talented Somali lady writes a book that contains several volumes?” Well, that brought my feet back on the ground for a moment! Nevertheless, the thought is still with me and refuses to go away.

I understand that Ayn Rand’s “Alas Shrugged” is one of your favorite books; a book with more than thousand pages!

I guess my reason for this madness stems from the fact that I am a die-hard Somali Nationalist who would like to see young Somalis succeed and accomplish what we the “oldies” failure to do thus far!

Go for it sis… you can do it!

SleepDepraved said...

Ayn Rand's books are usually not long but that particular one was long but I barely noticed because it was entralling.

Actually I was in the midst of writing a book about two years ago but I stopped because I thought I might actually want to understand the whole concept of publishing before I wrote a whole book. Maybe you can help with that end cause I am an ideas person n not at all business oriented :)

Mukhtar Ainashe said...

You have got your self a deal sister!

Please drop me a line or two through the email when your tight schedule of writing the next “Atlas Shrugged” allows.

All the best

Nabad iyo Caano