Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tears on my Jersey caused by Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

I am in awe, absolute awe at the game I just witnessed. NCAA's game: Gonzaga against UCLA. UCLA played a horrible first half till the closing mins of it. I mean they couldn't play any worse than they did. Gonzaga's All American champ Morrison was on top of his game. I mean he was making all his shots right. Then right up under their nose with foul trouble and bad calls against them UCLA takes the lead in the closing seconds. I mean absolutely stroke of luck on their part but God I couldn't study the whole second half of the game because I kept looking up at the game. Don't ask me how I study with B-ball on but I do.

So now LSU (an upset in it of itself they beat Duke) takes on the Texan Longhorns and UCLA takes on Memphis. Redick (Duke) and Morrison (Gonzaga) both shed tears at the court for losing. Dang I would to after training all year and watching what you fought so hard to achieve just slither itself right on down the drain.I so wish I was in MPLS tommorrow to watch the Gators and Georgetown play. I mean I could care less about Villanova cause they obviously gonna make it in but I am kicking myself at the moment for not being able to cough up $130 to watch NCAA in my city. I guess I will be monitoring it from my computer with my NCAA pass. Look for more commentary as the regionals progress and we head into the final four.

Ps:- The Longhorns also won by a three pointer right at the buzzer!

Pps:- I know I used a lot of 'I mean' but I am like that when I get as hyped as I am now. (Apologies for my writing skills in this post) .

***Walking away still in awe***

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