Friday, December 08, 2006

Di Dutty Wine Anyone?

A new craze on the dance floor ladies and gentlemen. Fair warning though there have been cases where injury occured while getting your dutty wine on. I luv dancehall and ragga, hell anything that can keep me on the dance floor (my room) for more than five minutes sits well with me, but i am not sure about dutty wine. In Jamaica a girl got injured and now some people are asking for the dance to be banned from clubs. Seriously, forget getting injured, I am wondering what a man watching a girl do the dutty wine is thinking. The dancing is more than provocative it is plain suggestive. The neck is rotated with the same vigor as the ass, not to mention the splits performed in the dance. Watching Tony Matterhorn perform with audience members onstage, even he can't resist grabbing the woman and resting her squarely on his pelvis. Its a nice tune and all but looking at the different clips on youtube I can only imagine what messages this dance sends.

My fav clips of Dutty Wine is by a Colombian Dude and he kills it!

Ps:- For some reason the head swinging makes me think of arabic dances. In mombasa at weddings the bride used to swing her head till she fell. Wondering if thats arabic influence on dancehall?? I can't tell.


BlueEpocha said...

I saw that clip after my friend made a huge deal about it...but in my search for this one I saw another guy blond hair and I think he did a better job...but yeah the song is CRAZY!!!

Flower.of.Chaos said...


That made me dizzy.

Firefly said...

LoL....I have come across this craze on youtube.

Abdallah said...

The Arabic dance is known as Subha, usually it is performed after the wedding (the last day).

Dutty Wine is so provocative. LoL. I wonder where these new dancing styles are heading to…(o~o)