Wednesday, December 20, 2006

1st leg of journey

Here are some views from my camera. I am learning to use the different styles it has and haven't mastered it yet. I like sepia tone one and there is another style that highlights a certain color. I will add more pics as I take them. Enjoy.

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Firefly said...

Girl, quit with the fuzzy pics, will you? I want to see clear images of everything!

Now give us more pics!

Firefly said...

Ok, so I was impatient...I posted after the first few images.

I take it back.

Nice clear pics! :D

Anonymous said...

The last of photos look distinctly Cairo tome .. something is lucky enuff i can see tat.

well enjoy it.

p.s Love the background beat even though i have no idea wat it is, Siju (Ksawahii) i assmue to be.

Idil said...

ohh were u at? seems beautiful