Sunday, May 02, 2010

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping sister SD?

As the days have gotten longer my sleep has gotten shorter and so I resorted to taking some Ambien every couple weeks if I have a stretch of three hours or less of sleep each night. On one of those night I took 1/2 tab of Ambien, I curled up to sleep and as usual slipped my cell phone under my pillow. I woke up refreshed in the morning and went to work. It was a half day at work and I was going to enjoy the glorious afternoon by pampering myself with a hair dressers appointment.

I left work at midday and as I was walking out I checked my missed call and messages. I noticed that I picked up a call a little bit after midnight. I didn't remember talking to anyone so I texted messaged the caller to verify this fact. The text came back yes I talked to you last night but you sounded out of it. WT fudgecakes! I scrolled down to my text messages and I also had sent a couple text messages out while I was asleep. I freaked out and wondered what else I did while being medicated but thank God there wasn't anything else.

I promised myself I won't take those pills unless it is absolutely necessary. I can do certain things to help me get to sleep. Listening to Quran does it for me, working out and then taking a hot shower right before bed, drinking some warm cocoa and reading. I can also take away the distractions from my bed like my computer and phone. I don't believe in TV watching so I don't have one in my bedroom thank God. Hopefully all these measures will lead me to a sleep induced state that doesn't require a chemical cocktail in my body.

I wonder what other things people can do to fall asleep?


xirsi said...

i don't think we have ambien here. they wrote about it as the stuff tiger woods was on in his sex acts. dozy kind of sex.
for me sex works better than any pill, and please don't call me after 10 pm. i hate night calls.

i mean halal sex

SleepDepraved said...

Ouch @ I am definately not taking those pills. I am nocturnal by nature hence people can only get ahold of me at nights. During the day I am MIA.

Thanks for clarifying its halal lol otherwise I would have thought thats your solution to my woes :(

Akili nyingi si nzuri lakini asante sana kunisifu kwani mwanamke akisifiwa akili yake naye yapotea. Nyumbani ni wapi?

I am sure its six degrees of separation especially since in the eighties very few families lived there and those who did were related to each other in some way or form.

Anonymous said...
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xirsi said...

chinese spam?
a handful of families lived there, yes. usichelewe kuoa kama ilivyo kawaida umarekani. moyo yahitaji chakula kama mwili. feed your emotional life as you feed your akili.

SleepDepraved said...

Sawa Xirsi lol.....naona hutaki kujitambua. I have chinese spammers on my blog and also on FB. I am not sure what it is about me but oh well.

Kuoa? Inshallah Mungu anajua wakati ananitarajia. Till then my motto is live and let live.

I better get back to my work, I have a little bit less than two hours left before I have to stop.

Om said...

Haha! Ambien does really crazy things to different people, check this story from the UK:

SleepDepraved said...

Jeez thats a scary story. I know a friend of mine who shops while sleeping when she takes Ambien. Her husband has to hide the laptop so she can't shop online.

Speaking of things to help you sleep, apparently there is a new drink called dream water. I was reading about it at work it has some melatonin and a couple other active ingredients to help with sleeping.

xirsi said...

scary? what do you sleep in, sd? kids used to be scared by if you ever sleep butt naked shaydan will do things to you. a kid in my boarding school used to sleepwalk. dream water or wet dream? either ways, remember ghusul.

nyumbani wapi sd? gabati yangu tayari lol

SleepDepraved said...

^I am beginning to think you have a one track mind Xirsi. All these inferences are painting a rather sordid picture of you.

No one should sleep in the nude. Its completely risky. What if a fire were to happen you won't have time to grab anything! If I worked at that hotel I would ask for risk pay.....keeping towels handy to preserve guest dignity kulaha.......

Gabati ndiye nini sasa? Wewe wataka kujua langu lakini lako waificha. Hiyo si haki :)

xirsi said...

i warned you akili yangu ni nusu. delete that comment. samahani.

SleepDepraved said...

Usijali hamna mtu atajua siri lako kaka :) Plus waweza sema chochote wataka lakini vile nitavyoichukua ndiye tatizo.

Niko curious kwa sababu nataka kujua wewe ni nani lol.

xirsi said...

siri? mimi jirani lol
nime wacha utani. sleep tight and sweet dreams.

SleepDepraved said...

Zii.........jirani wangu ni barabara na mnigeria. :)

Lala salama basi