Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes life hands you reasons to do things. Due to recent events I have discovered what real friends I have. I absolutely can count on them to be there no matter what. To lend me a hand and a shoulder, no questions asked. Even despite any misunderstanding I might have had with them.

Most people view friendships as transient relationships, ones that form and break daily. I view friendships as life long. I weave and nurture these relationships to the point that I can almost understand the person without a verbal affirmation.

But once in a while I realize that I have invested heavily in something only to have no return on the investment. So to the investments I have recently dumped from my portfolio:
After viewing the quarterly/yearly reports I have found that I have been backing a failed enterprise. One that is draining my funds. So, before my portfolio goes belly up I am going to reinvest in my fail safe accounts. The ones that have shown continual returns even though once in a while their quarterly reports give me a heart attack. Its been fun and a pleasant learning experience all around. I hope the market favors you in the coming years :)
Yours sincerely,

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