Monday, April 03, 2006

The Champs!!!

FSU wins the NCAA championship game. They won against UCLA bruins. It was a beautifully played game. Brewer made a huge difference with his constant pressure and steals. Joakim made a difference with his blocks. Hodge, Moss, Green, Humphrey and Horford all made a difference. This team walked on that court with their mind set on winning this game. Their coach instilled his competitive nature in them. He stoked the fire and it blazed bright and true on that court.

UCLA was used to holding an opposing team to under 50 points. FSU was having none of that tonite. They gave UCLA no chance of tying the game neither did they let up on the pressure. At times they were half court defence and at times they were full court defence. The thrill in the game was so much that with each basket that UCLA got you wanted to see what FSU's answer was. Absolutely deserving on the championship if you ask me.

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