Friday, April 07, 2006

Pwani iwakilishwe

Nostalgia kicked in again because the warm weather is finally here. I picked Mr. Nice's song due to the fact that this guy can shake better than most girls out there! Enjoy.



maaan! gurl u reminded me of home. I was dancin and singing ....memories.........god!Sisi sote tumbe umbwa na mungu.....true words!
"Uzuri wako, unanipa kiwewe"
"Nifanye nini iliniwe nawewe"
"wey wey wey fagilia wewe"!
as i said memories......u got me smiling! thanks a mill!!
Jazakillah sis

Anonymous said...

yeah i reeeeaaaaaally feel the nostalgia!!!.....seriously girls, how much time y'all have in your hands??? wow!...y'all need to find some other means to get inspired period...get real girls!!!

SleepDepraved said...

^^Anon how many minutes a day do u spend browsing our uninspired corners. Who really needs to get a life? **rolls eyes**

I guess u gonna have to be registered to post here again. Cheerios!

Black Rose said...

Stumbled across your blog while doing some late night cyber surfing. Read a few of your posts.....enjoyed them sis.
Oh...and ofcourse listened to Mr nice, reminds me of home (I don't know whether to feel sad or happy).
By the that you in the pic?
Keep up the interesting posts sis, am likely to drop by from time to time :)

scarlet lips said...

LOL. That's the only way Sleepdepraved. (Hopefully by now u've caught up on the lost sleep). He/she was really started to annoy me like nobody's business.


P.S. Stupid comp, the song takes too damn long to load.