Monday, April 24, 2006

Massari ya3ni Money

I don't think this guy is yet in the American market even though he hails from across the border. Trilingual, he speaks arabic, english and french fluently but more than that his ascent into the R&B charts has being astounding. He was already the biggest selling Canadian R&B artist of 2005. I was supposed to get his cd as a gift for my birthday but after realizing that Amazon was asking for $26 for it, I passed. So far I like his arabic influenced songs, though I can't say much for the "thug" influenced ones. Interesting fact about him was he was born in Beirut. You can't tell from listening to him that he is middle eastern even though you can faintly tell he has an exotic accent. At first I thought he is arab muslim but I was thankful when I realized he is arab christian. This is one of his best selling songs;Be Easy.


NomadLuv said...

naa he's not all that, I probably liked one song of his (listened to it on my sis ipod).

muslimah said...

asalamu alaikum

tryin' to stay away from music (Ya Allah help me)

anyway...I thought he was muslim. If he's christian that explains alot. My friend Tara thinks he looks like "Mr.Clean". cracks me up every time.