Friday, April 21, 2006

Tear Jerkers

I just spent three hours watching the diary of Anne Frank instead of catching some zzzzz that I haven't had for a couple days. My roomate felt I needed to finish this story. I had begun to watch the movie a couple weeks ago while I was putting rollers in my hair. At the time, all I wanted was something to keep my eyes occupied. I soon found out that this movie was not a wise choice.

The Diary of Anne Frank is a book that most Americans get to read in their elementary education. Now, since I wasn't privy to American education I didn't pay attention when my sister brought the book home and asked me if I had read it. I told her I hadn't and perused the back of the book. It looked ok but I have this distaste for books that the school assigns for reading. Nevertheless, I bought a copy and placed it in my library to be read on a rainy day. I believe it is still sitting there till now. Anyway, back to my tale. I sat watching the movie for an hour and just as it was getting interesting (read when WWII broke out) I was ushered to bed by my roomate. Today as I lay on the couch trying to coax sleep, Patricia waltzed in offering entertainment (movie) and breakfast. I couldn't say no and so I agreed to continue the movie. Little did I know that within an hour I would be sobbing into my night shirt. My roomate curled up next to me and joined me in the crying fest. I didn't understand why she was crying. She had watched this movie countless of times! Half an hour left on the movie, I couldn' t take it anymore. I was sobbing so hard that my lungs didn't have time to expand to get oxygen. I had a huge lump permanently stuck in my throat. My eyes itched from all the wiping I was doing. I was a mess. I tried to get up so I could compose myself but my roomate was having none of it. She promised it was nearly done and I should wait it out. So there we were, two girls sitting on the couch with a blanket around them and crying like children. The pitter patter of the rain added a touch of dramatism to the whole scene. Finally the movie ended and only one person survived from the FRANK family. **sob sob...........sniffle sniffle**

Speaking of movies that make me cry, I always manage to break down when watching movies yet my mother says I am cold hearted cause in real life nothing moves me to tears unless I have pent up frustration. Here are some of the ones that made me cry: Yesterday, Hotel Rwanda, Constant Gardener (via native female), Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Pay it Forward, Boys Don't Cry, Life is Beautiful, The Green Mile, I AM SAM, John Q and finally Notebook. These are the ones I can think of now. I probably have cried while watching others but these are the most memorable.


Black Rose said...

Good list of tear jerkers! Great movies (the ones I've watched anyway). Notebook is also a tear jerking book!
You should watch Sarafina..its about the apartheid. It was made before South Africa gained independence I think. Anyway it's a a real tear jerker.

Vegas said...

boo hoo..another movie over dramatizing the holocaust....wats new? People get soo caught up in that one tragedy and make a million and one movies about it. Why doesn't anyone make a movie about the European invasion of North America...consider the simple fact that the 'natives' of this land no longer me..thats genocide. How about a movie about the everlasting effect of colonialism..including never ending civil wars. Or perhaps the HIV epidemic plaguing Africa....thats genocide. You wanna count how many family's no longer exist because of that....and they don't even have one survivor to tell the stroy. Trust me i could go on....
My advise to your eyes to more adverse conditions in this world...that are not backed by hollywood and american pop culture.

SleepDepraved said...

Interesting point you have there. I should point out to you that if you looked at the other movies I posted there were a couple that are geared to the African tradegies i.e. Hotel Rwanda, Yesterday, Constant gardener. It really isn't being sympathetic about the holocaust but more the fact that I tend to have my emotions surfacing when watching a movie as opposed to when seeing something in real life.

Ps: Nice to see some political activism in the youth. Most don't care about whats going on around them.